Az internetes foglaló oldalak mögött nincs olyan segítség, ahova egy felmerülő probléma, (pl. repülőjegy módosítás, járattörlés) esetén fordulhat. Számos légitársasági ügyfélszolgálat csak angol nyelven érhető el. Probléma esetén minket 0-24 órában hívhat az ügyeleti telefonszámunkon.


Have you ever thought about how you could settle your complaints and assert your rights with a foreign company? We can take the risks over from you. Our travel agency holds all the licenses prescribed by Hungarian law. We have a professional liability insurance to underpin our activities.


It is very time-consuming to browse through all the airlines, hotels and car rentals on the internet. It takes a lot of energy to understand the logic of various tour operators and reservation systems. We can spare your time and energy and find you the best prices based on our market experience. This way you can avoid any potential mistakes and save valuable time. You don’t have to browse several booking websites, compare different prices - we’ll do that for you!


Would you like to carry instruments, sports equipment, special objects or take a pet with you? We can take the load off and solve the tasks for you. We’ll relieve you from the unnecessary and coerced last minute surcharges.


Price comparing websites such as Trivago, etc. neither guarantee the accuracy of the information they provide, nor the availability of the indicated prices. We provide valid and actual offers with a guarantee.


Having selected an offer on a hotel booking website may result in your bank card being blocked or debited prior to your trip, without the possibility of a refund in some of the cases, even though the price of the given reservation is payable on site. If you travel with us, you will not have to encounter this problem.


As a travel agency, we can get hold of several preferential offers and can subsequently obtain better prices than you could as an individual. The pricing structure of booking websites on the internet often do not include all the costs. In some cases certain trips are advertised at discount prices because of the unfavourable conditions (e.g. bad weather conditions, hotel reconstruction, etc.). When you reserve with us, we will call your attention to these facts.


Nem kell semmilyen felületre regisztrálnia, nem kell ügyfél azonosítókat és jelszavakat megjegyeznie. Bankkártya adatait sem kell megadnia, mert megrendelését nálunk előre utalással vagy irodánkban személyesen készpénzzel is rendezheti. Személyes adatait bizalmasan, az előírásoknak megfelelően kezeljük (PCI DSS, GDPR szabályoknak megfelelően).


We will assist you with several useful advices in the course of planning your trip. There are several details that can essentially influence your trip: flight, visa and luggage information, local weather, local holidays, festivities and bank holidays.


You are in a foreign country and need help in a foreign language? When you travel, is it important for you to communicate with your business partner in his/her own language? Our colleagues speak 12 languages (English, German, French, Spanish, Portuguese, Italian, Greek, Turkish, Japanese, Russian, Ukrainian and Rumanian).