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We undertake to organise team building trainings, conferences, family days, press conferences, cultural events and special programmes. Our enthusiastic, creative, professional team always attends to your special needs and wishes, no matter how extreme they are.

jet event

Since the rebranding in 2006 our company was mostly known for its business and incentive trips, even though the organisation of events was one of our featured services. Since then, the hundreds of successful events and the countless number of positive feedbacks from our clients have strengthened us in our decision to support our partners in organising their events within the framework of a separate business line from 2017 on, providing the high quality services they are used to.



If you want to work with content and motivated colleagues, the best tool is a team building training. We organize both indoor and outdoor programs that will surely create a bond between the employees, and augment the team spirit.

Business breakfast, lunch, Gala dinner

An enjoyable breakfast or lunch in great surroundings is the best way of building new relationships, getting to know your partners more and having informal conversations that could be the key to confidence-building.


Both our partners and colleagues agree with us on the importance of doing some kind of exercise. To this end, we can offer you the comprehensive organisation and impeccable management of sports events, be it a competition between company teams or tournaments with various show elements.


We are aware of how important a successful conference is. A professional service is not only important from the aspect of seeing the smiling faces of satisfied guests as they leave the conference, but also that it promotes the reputation and image of the company significantly. We strive to organise an event for you that the participants will talk about for days. Our team of experts can organise any type of event for you tailored to your needs.


We also undertake the comprehensive, professional management of specialist lecture, presentations, parties for partners, picnics, trainings or company events with over a thousand guests. If required, we can arrange for music bands, performers and hostesses. With the long-term experience of our staff we can relieve you from all the tedious work so that you won’t have to worry about anything.

Workshops, Trade Exhibitions

A workshop can facilitate a rapid professional exchange between partners, clients and stakeholders, as it allows participants to meet at the same venue and same time. We can organise both trainings and vocation at these events. These occasions are ideal for solving any arising problems, defining concepts and otlining visions. Let us create something new.

why choose us?

We are a team of enthusiastic and creative professionals with decades of professional experience. One of our greatest strengths is personalisation: as a first step, our staff will always identify your needs in detail, make preliminary visits to the venue and will only commence with a comprehensive, flexible and high-quality organisation service subsequently. Thanks to our extensive network of contacts we can offer you events and conferences in any part of the world.


Do you want your team-building, conference, family day or any other event to take place according to your needs and concept in every single detail? Wouldn’t it be useful if the programme would be enjoyable for everyone, but at the same time boost the success of the company? We can make this happen with our well-tried and proven practices.




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