„Quality is not an act, it is a habit"

“The world is a book and those who do not travel read only one page” St. Augustine. Travelling is an extraordinary experience that enriches our life with valuable memories, at the same time giving us the opportunity to learn about new cultures and people. Embark on any adventure with us, be it relaxing scuba diving and snorkelling, extreme hiking, rafting, climbing beautiful mountain peaks, surfing in Hawaii or even parachuting. The Earth offers more than 510 million square kilometres of land to explore a wide range of magnificent and exciting landscapes. Choose a page from the book and we’ll organise the trip for you!



As the proud winners of the "Best Corporate Travel Agency" 2016, we can organise any type of business trip at a high level relying on our global network of partners. Since January 2018 Jet Travel Ltd. is the exclusive partner of ATPI Corporate Travel in Hungary. We do not have any hidden costs, we provide prompt administration and thanks to our ongoing personal contacts, we can guarantee a smooth and relaxing journey.


We provide the entire planning and implementation of events tailored to your individual needs. Our keyword is exclusivity. In addition to weddings, regular team-building events, corporate dinners and conferences hosting over thousand participants, we can also organize a wide variety of events anywhere in the world.


Escaping from the daily routine and relaxing at breath-taking locations. Spiritual experiences, exciting and extreme adventures, that can only be limited by your own imagination. We can turn the adrenaline-filled moments into long lasting unforgettable memories. Discover just as much of the world as you want to!

Online foglalás

A Jet Travel online foglalási felülete megkönnyíti utazásának tervezését! Böngésszen több mint 7.000 hajóút közül, kösse meg utasbiztosítását, válasszon a világ országait lefedő szálláskínálatból vagy találja meg álmai vakációját. Egyedi igényekre hangolva, magas színvonalon, kiváló ár-érték arányban a Jet Travel oldalán.


Those who are willing to leave their comfort zone and get off the beaten path are have found the right place! We provide access to the most special areas, locations and events. Our goal is to guarantee a lifelong experience with a unique journey tailored to individual needs.


We offer a higher level of luxury, so that you can discover the most beautiful places of the world feeling safe and at ease. Cruises around the world with special destinations.In addition to the classic ports, you can explore magnificent coastal cities, canyons and straits, cruising on a ship that meets every expectation. Sports, relaxation and lots of fun packed in one journey!


We love sports and the related events. We have an extensive network and several decades of experience in organizing sports travels and sporting events. You can reach us any time, we are prepared to solve any situation and are ready to undertake full-scale and flexible organising tasks for both sportsmen and sports fans.


Forget about package tours! If you have exceptional or extreme ideas, you can make your wildest dreams can come true with the help of our team of experts!

Cruises around the world

The discovery of the world's seas offers an incomparable experience. Those travelling the world of seas can experience iconic attractions, exciting cultures, pampering services and the culinary diversity of the world! While the ship glides through the azure blue sea towards the next port to be explored, the deck of the cruise ships offers a special atmosphere.


Exciting discoveries and motivational trips full of programmes to the world's most beautiful destinations. Relying on our expertise, we organize incentive trips that strengthen your team spirit and will always be remembered by your staff.


Get immersed in our varied fantastic programs and explore the world! Take a trip on the narrow and steep paths of the Grand Canyon, swim with turtles at the Galápagos Islands, party with hundreds of thousands at the Rio Carnival, scuba-dive in the most beautiful seas or hike on the incomparable mountain routes of Peru. We know no limits.

Gala dinners just the way you imagined!

Complete management of unforgettable parties for business partners, corporate lunches and other events at unique venues, spiced up with gastronomic adventures.

Exiting and amazing locations

When you spend a night in one Himalaya’s high peak tents, it’s guaranteed that you will come close to nature and acquire a new perception of the world.

Plentiful adventures

It’s not easy to swim against the current… but it’s worth it. We offer you personalised, adrenaline-filled adventures that will definitely give you the feeling of unlimited freedom.

Feel like you are on the red carpet

With us you, can easily join the VIP world. You tell us where you would like to go and we’ll make your wildest dreams come true in the most luxurious way.